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Our History

Like any humble beginning, La Parilla started in 1968 as a small restaurant known as La Parilla 1500.  It began as a hole-in-the-wall eating place along Burgos Avenue opened by couple Pablo Sr. and Conchita Padilla. The restaurant was the first air-conditioned restaurant in Cabanatuan City and it was met with warm support by the city folks.  The business prospered and allowed husband and wife to support their growing family.  Pablo Sr. had big dreams and chased them fearlessly; he and his wife wanted a bigger venue where they could entertain more so on May 31st 1972, La Parilla 1900 in Zulueta and Melencio Streets opened its doors to Cabanatueños.  La Parilla 1900 was a first of its kind, complete with a dancing hall and a five-piece band.  It became a place of good memories and celebration.  As in any loving Filipino home, Pablo Sr. did most of the entertaining while Conchita, patient and talented, ran her kitchen thus giving birth to La Parilla’s signature Filipino and Continental dishes. 

The unfortunate passing of the senior Pablo in August 1973, led the eldest son Pablo Jr., equally determined and strong-willed, to step up and fill his father’s shoes with the support and guidance of his mother.  Mother and son team persevered and remained keen for continuous learning in business.  They sailed thru the challenges and a deluxe hotel had been added to the chain of restaurants in 1976, placing Cabanatuan City in the tourism map of the country. Mother and son took it upon themselves to widen their scope and learn as much as they could about the business.  Pablo Jr. took classes in Housekeeping and Hotel Management conducted by leading mentors from Cornell University while Conchita took a Restaurant Management course under the same program. She also took up Food and Beverage Management and Services from the Philippine Institute of Hotel Administration; and engaged in French and Continental Cooking and Baking courses from the famed Le Cordon Bleu Manille.  All her wisdom intended to be a gift from mother to son.  In 1972, La Parilla was given the rare opportunity to be one of the five elected representatives all over the country to attend the Asia and Australia Hotel and Restaurant Association held in Bangkok, Thailand.  Through the years the business has grown and expanded; while the smaller 1500 has since closed further improvements have been devoted to the current La Parilla Hotel with an additional ballroom and a 16-room west wing. 

Conching was one of the very first recipients of the Ang Natatanging Anak ng Kabanatuan (ANAK) award for her contributions in commerce during the early days of the developing city.  Pablo Jr. deservingly received the same award in 1996 for the category Pangasiwaang Hotel.

Throughout Conchita’s retirement, her children and grand children continued to be her inspiration.  She was both the silent supporter and the quiet guidance her son and grandchildren needed.  June 2006 marked the demise of the matriarch and Pablo Jr. persisted with the help of his own able brood. 

Today, his own family continues to embrace the legacy with his wife, Luisa, his five children and two adorable grandchildren.  La Parilla Hotel is 43 years strong, still standing and is ready for its new blood.